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SINGHS INDUSTRIES (AMRITSAR) – PUNJAB INDIA Expanded Metal Mesh is a type of mesh produced from sheet of any metal, including aluminum, mild steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel, copper or titanium. Expanded Metal Mesh is made by the process of slitting (cutting) and stretching metal sheet to form diamond-shaped openings. Its unique design makes it a versatile product commonly used for machine guarding, security fencing, equipment enclosures, walkways, rail enclosures, cycle baskets, conveyors, filters, etc. Apart from these, expanded metal mesh is also used to support plaster or stucco. Singhs Industries are the manufacturers and suppliers of both 1. Expanded Metal Machine and 2. Expanded Metal Mesh. We provide high quality expanded metal mesh in bulk quantities at comparatively cheaper prices. Due to our expertise in complex machinery manufacturing, we are capable of producing unique sizes and designs of mesh for special purpose applications. Few types of expanded metal mesh commonly used are: - • Standard Expanded Metal Mesh • Flattened Expanded Metal Mesh • Expanded Metal Grating (Heavy-duty) Call or WhatsApp: +91-9888220007 or visit www.singhsmachinery.com Email: singhsindustries@gmail.com or gurkanwar.singh@gmail.com

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